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Middlesbrough F.C. - Recent Transfer History

Transfers IN

Player Team Date Fee
Tony Vidmar Free Transfer September 2002 Free
Massimo Maccarone Empoli July 2002 8.15m
Gareth Southgate Aston Villa July 2001 6.5m
George Boateng Aston Villa August 2002 5m
Juninho Atletico Madrid August 2002 3.8m
Geremi Real Madrid July 2002 Loan

Transfers OUT

Player Team Date Fee
Dean Gordon Coventry July 2002 Free
Steve Baker Scarborough July 2002 Free
Hamilton Ricard July 2002 Released
Christian Hanson July 2002 Released
Mickael Debeve July 2002 Released
Marlon Beresford York August 2002 Free
Paul Ince Wolves August 2002 Free
Paul Okon Leeds August 2002 Free
Mark Summerbell Carlisle August 2002 Free
Phil Stamp Hearts August 2002 Free
Gianluca Festa Portsmouth August 2002 Free
Robbie Mustoe Charlton August 2002 Free
Mark Hudson Portsmouth August 2002 Free

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