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If you want to trade links or banners e-mail me at

If you just wanna put my link up on your page then take a look below at some of my banners or put up a text link yourself, descriptions of my sites are also listed below. Banners can either be linked directly from here or saved and uploaded to your site.

The following banners are all original works created with Paint Shop Pro 5.

Dino's M.F.C. Page Results, News, Links, Juninho, & More

An un-official M.F.C. web site, created by a fan. You'll find info on players, fixtures, results, the latest news, a Juninho tribute, Polls and More

Dino's Return of the Living Dead Page

A fan made tribute to one of the greatest horror movies ever made, includes pictures, cast & crew info, reviews and links.

Dino's Desk:- Trailers, Games, Downloads, Posters, Themes etc.

Lots of cool downloads I've found on the net over the years, it includes Posters, Video's, Sound Clips, Trailers, Games etc.

Dino's Movie Page: Star Wars, Pulp Fiction, Titanic & More!

A Page Devoted to the Greatest Films of All Time: Star Wars, Aliens, Pulp Fiction, Clerks, Evil Dead, Indy, Die Hard, Austin Powers, Titanic & More!

Dino's Army of Darkness Page

A fan made tribute to Sam Raimi's third Evil Dead film, includes pictures, cast & crew info, reviews and links.

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