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Terminator Two: Judgement Day

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

Ghost in the Shell, I mean, The Matrix

James Bond: Goldeneye

The Truman Show


Enter The Dragon

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Since the launch of this page I've added five specialised pages, of the 5000 or so I want to, you can view them below.


Top Ten Lists
Army of Darkness
Return of the Living Dead
Conan The Barbarian

How Ewan McGregor would introduce the new Star Wars movie:

Choose the force.
Choose a side.
Choose a jedi knight.
Choose a teecha, choose a fuckin big death star, choose star destroyers, blasters, tie-fighters and a fuckin big light sabre.
Choose a black suit, black helmet and black boots.
Choose a loan free Jabba the Hut.
Choose a philosophy.
Choose an Emperor.
Choose a planet wi a matching moon.
Choose a three planet system in the Dromoda system and fuckin enslave the lot ae thim.
Choose the Rebels and wondrin whae the fuck ye are kneeling by >the Emperor on a Sunday mornin.
Choose sitting next to that Emperor watching whole planets being enslaved in mind-controlling, force-crushing battles, stuffing fuckin replacement parts intae yer body.
Choose rotting away at the end ae it all, pissing yer last in a miserable death star, nothing maer than a dictator to the selfish, evil fucked up brats who fight for ye.
Choose a future.
Choose the Force...... I chose not to choose the Force.
I chose something else.
I chose the Dark Side.

Movie Shock Top List

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The Usual Suspects


Back To The Future

Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark

Pulp Fiction

The Sixth Sense

Jurassic Park

Good Will Hunting